This will guide how to configure web-part according to your needs


  1. Add the web-part from the web-part gallery to the desired page which can be found under the "Sumit" category
  1. As soon as the webpart is added to the page it will automatically detect the location and will show the weather of the corresponding location, can also change the location by entering the name and uncheking the "Automatically detect location"
  2. If want to change the location , edit the web-part properties
  1. This will give the options of what all can be configured in the web-part
    1. Automatically detect location : Gets the location automatically from where the page is requested. When checked there is no need to enter the city name.
    2. City,State,Country : Enter the location of which want to show the weather information, this is mandatory.
    3. Display Condition : Select if want to display the condition information
    4. Display Condition Image : Select if want to show the condition image
    5. Display High temperature: Select if want to show the high temperature information
    6. Display Low Temperature: Select if want to show the low temperature of the location.
    7. Unit: Select between the unit of temperature in which temperature will be displayed
    8. Display Humidity: Select if want to show the Humidity of the location
    9. Display Wind: Select if want to show the Wind condition of the location.<br/>

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